Batteries = $$$

Just a quick update: I've pretty much settled on Deka GC12V batteries, and i'll be fitting the battery tray in, tomorrow morning! Sunday, I plan to install the motor and transaxle!

Also, a HUGH thank you to MXenergy for their very kind sponsorship.

If anyone out there knows of ANYONE who would be interested in further sponsoring my electric car, I welcome all support; Barter, services, trade, parts and/or monetary.

Batteries found

Hey there! So, I spoke with Daryl from Deka Batteries today, who found me a cross reference for the Trojan t-1275 to a Deka GC12V, which are in stock at the warehouse. I could've had them for tomorrow, but I'm going to make a few measurements this week and get them in for next Thursday!!! Very exciting.