New Parts

It's been a little while since the last update. I've been keeping busy, trying to move along all these different aspects of the project. Some of the most visible headway has recently come to life!

Thanks to my roommate Steve Sorgenti, and the kind folks at Designspring Engineering, I have my first 3D printed part!

That is a hub, which mounts to the wheel, and on the shaft mounts a sprocket. This allows power to be transferred to the wheels. 

All in all the design came out perfectly, and it verifies almost all the other dimensions in my modeling, which means I'm almost ready to send it to the shop for production. But first I need to make a few more tweaks. 
Other than that, I'm working on some circuitry still, and waiting on components, but in the mean time, I've got wireless working perfectly up to its current max speed. I'm also about to file my complaint with the fairfield PD too.

Oh, did I mention the New York Times?  Well, they may be mentioning me some time very soon!