Thank you, Good Morning America

It was a pleasure to be a guest this morning on GMA.

A huge thanks, also to my sponsor, MXEnergy for helping to make this all happen. Without them, I could not have done it.

As I mentioned, learn more about my conversion here and see what else you can do!!!

Electric Vehicles 101
  • Find a Qualified Technician to do your conversion
  • Demand EV Production, not procrastination
  • Talk to your Congressperson about their position on EV Production and the auto industry's resistance to change.
  • Educate yourself on options and alternatives
  • See what others are doing at
  • Talk to experienced retrofitters at
  • Explore the options of current production EVs, NEV, and what is to come.
Read up on "How to Build an Electric Car" here.
Buzz About James and His Electric Car

Green Is Universal report on the MXenergy sponsored electric car

October 26, 2009 – NBC News 30
Fairfield man crafts a plug-in Toyota

By Michael C. Juliano
October 17, 2009 – The (Stamford) Advocate,
The Connecticut Post and The (Danbury) News-Times
To do his part for the environment, James Boncek of Fairfield has turned his 1993 Toyota Tercel into an all-electric vehicle with the help of Stamford-based power marketer MXenergy.

October 14, 2009 – The Fairfield Citizen 
Homemade electric car readies to ride
By Anthony Karge
For MXenergy, this was an educational opportunity. “There are no plans to go into electric car manufacturing,” said Paul Lavallee, marketing director of the company, who added, “It’s a means to educate consumers that it’s important to think of how electrical efficiency might fit into our future.”

Electric Vehicle Community Links - Electric Auto Association
Parts Websites - Great Parts and Quality Service. I purchased most of my parts from evsource.


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