The missing link!

I can't say I'm done....yet, but, I've very very close. Like 2 cables away, and I've already made them.

Today, I squared away most all the miscellaneous details that had been sitting: Rear Coil Springs, Transaxle oils, wire loom, etc.

The more major accomplishment of they day was making my final interconnect cables. Some of these are pictured, which connect between the back of the controller to the motor, contractor, and batteries. So all i really NEED to do, is connect the fuse, and +/- cables.

That is to make the car move! Before inspection, however, I will need to clean up a few things, reassemble the rear seat, install a vent, put lock washers on the battery connections, zip tie everything, and tidy up my OEM wire harness.

Check back soon for a video of my car's induction.


Brett Rodgers said...

Hey this is a really good blog and I really like the updates on your car and cant wait to see the finished model. I'm just wondering if you use lock washers for most of your work. I'm using them and it seems to be working all right. Let me know what you think.

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