Onca Onca goes Wireless

Last night, this guys electric skateboard went wireless!  It was really exciting! The new joystick control is accurate, sensitive and the microprocessing is VERY responsive!

For those interested, I'm currently using 2 Arduino Fios, with the series 1 Xbee wireless chips, 1mW.  Connected to the transmitting fio is a joystick, identical to the orbital stick on a playstation remote. On the receiving end, I simply a taking the position of the joystick, forward or backward, and converting it to a corresponding PWM duty cycle on the proper DIO pin, which sends the signal to the motor controller accordingly.

Yea there is a little more to it than that, but for the time being that is the gist of it.  Once I finish the code and have it well tested, I'll share the code.

It's also not 100% done. I still had some funny business going on with the wireless braking, but I think it was just bad wires.  The code was doing what it should.  I'll vet it all out this weekend. Maybe I'll even get to post a few pictures.


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