Onca Onca update

Another productive weekend was had, considering how busy it was. Lots of accomplishments!

Sunday morning, I added a new gusset to the motor mount to support the torque of the motor under high load. This proved to be very efficient and I had much better success with the chain all day.

I also have brakes!  I added a momentary push button which activates a variable braking knob to dial in the braking rate.  Before testing, I was concerned that the braking power wouldn't be strong enough, but I sure was wrong. I can easily slow to a near stop, rolling down hill on a moderate grade.   So that was another big success.

Great wireless progress was made too!  After some trial and error, I finally got my wireless components talking to each other. Even better, I wired in my joystick controller and version 1 code, and it all functioned exactly as I intended!!

Taking what I learned in that test, I've written the receiver code too, but I need to work out a little circuitry before I get to testing it all for real. But we're getting close.

In an attempt to test my range, I thought I'd follow the coast;
not more than 100 feet into fairfield, and I got pulled over by the fairfield police. The officer was extremely unruly, and didn't even ask what my ride was;  he simply asked where I was from, and promptly told me to go back to bridgeport. That my "vehicle" is not street legal, and if he saw me again in "this town" he would write me a "very expensive ticket."  Considering his arrogance, attitude and general hostility, I didn't argue. But I will be taking it up with his superiors.

I proceed back to black rock, and looped around St. Mary's a few more times, and then went home to re-read state laws on my ride. All in all I logged around 10 miles, with a max speed around 18, averaged 14mph.   Pretty cool!

Stay tuned. I'm sure more will be reviled. Particularly with the local authorities and on my wireless transmitter/receiver. For now, the prototype components are fine for test riding. I just want to get rid of the wires.


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