Current Progress Part 1

So, some of you may have heard that I'm building an electric car. Yes, that's right...I'm building an electric car.

Its a little late in the evening for me to make any progress on the car itself, so i thought i should take a change to set up this blog, and start my documentations....

It started a few weeks ago, actually, when I nearly didn't make it home from my trip to Burlington, VT. My 1993 Toyota Tercel was on its last leg and had some serious troubles going on. Needless to say, I made it home and re prioritized buying a new car. Within a 2 weeks, I picked up a 1998 VW Jetta, and the time had come for my long awaited electric car project;

About 2 years ago I started dreaming up the idea, researching plans and parts, trying to understand what was so difficult with driving an electric car...Turns out, I wasn't missing anything. It really isn't all that complicated, and I truly think that anyone who really wanted to do it, could. So I am here, leading by example.

Nearly immediately after purchasing my car, the gears began to spin any I found all this energy I didn't even know i had in me. I formulated a plan, while carrying out step 1, which was to make room for the project.

I cleared out all the patio furniture, sorted through 20 years of junk, made a dump run, installed a stereo, hung a work light, and uncovered the workbench. And within a few days, I was ready to pull in the Toyota with her last few puffs of gasoline.

Considering the time i had, i needed to get some things done, but didn't have the block required for the engine just yet, so I ripped out the back seat and the trunk and began some minor cleaning on "day 2."

Another busy work week went by, and managed to get bunch of research done, finalizing parts and asking technical questions or current EV owners. Come the weekend, I began to pull out the engine, and sure enough, she came out.

My brain is a little foggy to get the exact dates of these days right now, but its been the past 3 weeks or so, with removal, research and cleaning. Tomorrow I will begin degreasing the engine bay and transmission, as well as removing some remaining extraneous parts ( fuel filter, wire harness, etc. Evening plans may even include ordering parts!


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