Gas Tank and Exhaust Removed

I guess this makes post 3.

First off, a few images from cleaning the other day:

As for today, i took a few hours this afternoon to remove some of the last remaining parts of the car: The Exhaust and the Gas Tank....

The exhaust was rather simple, considering I just installed it 6 or so months ago! No rust, no seized bolts, just a little pressure on the hangers and she dropped. The Gas Tank, however, was a bit more of a difficult task...not so much to do, but to do alone and not quite empty. All in all it was a success. I'm SURE I've spilled more gas trying to change a Fuel Filter, than i did removing this tank. 'Nuff said!

I'm simultaneously shocked at how fast this project is moving along, and how quickly i'm going to need to finalize plans and order parts. I took a little breather this afternoon and began to collect myself and my parts. I laid out all my un-replaced nuts and bolts, cleaned a few things that are going back in, and overall made sure that I'm not moving too fast for my own good.

Then, I was paid a surprise visit! Didn't get much done after that...washed up, off to dinner and a recording session.


Neal said...

Wow, can you get one of those for my car too?

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