Sooner than I imagined, the time has come to order parts. I've been spending an absurd amount of time, late in the evenings, to research and finalize my system design. Some are locked down, with a few variable I'm still undecided on. Today, I bit the bullet, so to speak, on a few major components!

1 NetGain Impulse 9 motor
1 Iota DC-DC 55A converter
1 Tyco Contactor & Micro Relay

From here, I can begin making my rear mount, and further contemplate the motor-transaxle mount...Purchase or Fabricate...decisions decisions. Although placement of the Iota is a rather small detail, I'll at least feel better having it in my hands.

The next big move is to decide on my Controller. I've begun a discussion here regarding the decision. Although people are trying to be helpful, I still haven't gotten the reassurance I'm looking for. Giving time time as always proven itself for me. As I mull these numbers and ideas around in the back of my head, I find the decisions to work themselves out on their own. As I posted in the Forum:

"Originally I was shooting for the KDH14650B, 144V 650A/260A controller.

Now, i'm thinking i'm better off all around, reducing my system voltage to 120V (or less) and using a controller with a higher amp rating such as the KDH12100B 120V 1000A/400A

This came up for 2 reasons really. 1: i'm all for over rating my controller, for safety's sake and 2: I like the idea of having "higher performance""

In short, I'm still leaning towards the KDH12100B, and running 9-10 12VDC Trojan T-1275 batteries. I suppose this is a typical James mentality of "less is more."


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