And it all fits

Cheers to measuring first!

The motor went in very, very smooth. Almost too smooth. Its amazing how much space is still in there, aside from the < 1cm between the motor's shaft and the wall! Once the motor was mounted, I was busy making measurement to fabricate the rear motor mount. There are 4 threaded holes on the rear of the Impulse9 which I used to fasten a mount to the OEM rear motor mount assemble. Here are some pictures:

I'm yet to confirm all the specs on these Deka batteries, so, i'm also yet to order them. I do hope to have them for Thursday though. I got the cable to connect them, but don't have the ends, cause i can't verify the size of the terminals. Its all these details that have really made this a long process.

My Curtis 1231C Controller is arriving tomorrow!!! That is very exciting. While i wait for the rest of these details to pan out, i can get busy wiring the rest of the car, and figuring out all the schematics.


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