Coming to form

It has been over three months since i began cleaning the garage, and taking out the ICE engine. And for a minute there, i would stare at the empty chassis, and wonder how this project would every be complete.

Today, I can say, i see the light at the end of the tunnel. The project is moving along very smoothly, although not without hard work and hiccups. I've spent the past two days almost entirely in the garage, measuring, cutting, drilling, welding,, repeat!

I'll spare you the detailed shopping list, but to give you an idea there was a lot of angle iron, threaded steel, nuts and bolts, more welding wire and a new cutting blade...

So, moving forward; This week, I'll be working out the mounting of the controller and heat sink, as well as, hopefully, receiving my charger, cable ends, heat shrink, and some other misc supplies. All that is left is connecting a lot of wires, making those wires, and a few small pieces to fabricate...and some cosmetics. A lot of testing too. oh and did i mention schematics? Yea.

In the end, i now have securely mounted all 12 batteries; 10 in the rear, and 2 up front. Here are some pictures, Enjoy:


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